Mha roblox is gone LOL



Welp that sucks I wonder if this is gonna be a permanent thing

game fam on their way to make the worst decisions ever

i hope they do this with more anime games


I hope not lmao

my evil ass creating a argument for why certain roblox game has something that relates to content that gets dmcaed

What? A 100% official, licensed anime game on Roblox? Honestly really surprising. But I’m calling it now; This game will be yet another boring pay-to-win grindfest, and the only difference it’ll have from the rest of the crowd is that it’s not a fangame.

it would be soo funny if they did the same with one piece…

bloxfruits next please!

In the hypothetical event that this happens to One Piece, I don’t think Blox Fruits is going down without a fight. There’s already been numerous changes in that game to avoid copyright (Example: Whitebeard is called Greybeard)

And also; In canon One Piece, Devil Fruits look simply like regular fruits, albeit with strange swirl patterns. In Blox Fruits, their design is completely different; the fruits…have faces. Does this imply that they’re sentient? If so, do they fear being eaten? This design change brings up so many in-universe questions…

They probably want to be eaten

Some sort of symbiotic relationship type deal

it’s gamefam again so we know it’s gonna be a shitty simulator

why companies continue to partner with them, I’ll never understand


first preston whines about how smaller devs have copied their design of square shaped pets (including the devs that made games with square shaped pets before pet sim even existed) Now gamefam?? bro what???

next are one piece games (because i said so)


hear me out:
It happens to one piece and all of the shitty one piece games die.

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rell seas :skull:

anyways idk how rell seas will go

Hey maybe we’ll finally get some more original games on Roblox lmaoo

i thought they were just devil fruit but sqaure wtf happened in the last two years