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Think this could be related to the War Seas (it being a five sea cluster), or could it be a some other location?

I’m guessing there are two more sea clusters we don’t know about, they might be important to the story.

  • Old sea
  • Seven Seas
  • War Seas
  • Unknown sea 1
  • Unknown sea 2

Makes sense although what is the old sea?

A sea cluster somewhere near the seven seas, Idk that much about AA lore though

arcane odyssea

i think it’s where online fighting took place, not sure tho

If I had to guess, there would be a sea based on asian culture. We see a lot of katanas, samurai inspired stuff etc. Now this could be, as I said before, Vetex just making samurai stuff because samurai stuff is cool. Or it could be culture descended from the people of a faraway sea.

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there better be fucking sushi in arcane odyssey or I’m gonna unleash my nuclear korean rage

I should make a suggestion of this because I just realized that kelp is being added to the game with diving spots… not as an item but still that’s a step in teh right direction.

I did it, a suggestion for Sushi:

We must band together to make our voices heard.

Voted, but you think if I make another sea monster suggestion I should make it edible?
Imagine this giant, terrifying sea monster and then it gets turned into a roll of sushi.

Why can’t I eat White Eyes Vetex?!!!

Fr, at least let us eat an entire basking shark mid fight.

So… my boat may or may not be severely stuck on land…


where Theos, Duzra and humanity once lived before the first 2 fcked the world up iirc

nowadays almost no one live there since its basically a ruins, tho i do recall hearing some vikings living there

I think the old sea was created after the 2 had clashed, and was where Online Fighting took place

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