Mimhere vs Vetex part 2 (Dialogue inspired by Tetragon_Fortress)

I used Judgement isle as inspiration for the Background of Vman’s domain.


Holy fork

yis, next chapter gon have a shit ton of fighting.


how’d you know that was gunna be the next panel?

the jujutsu hivemind brother…


There’s actually a lost/ancient spell thats basically a domain expansion lol, i think its called “Zone”

Domain expansion, process to cannon him the fuck up

Next chapter:

Suddendly…The fraud, Mimhere, now utilized the power of the curse he had stolen from Maya (Sailor lodge girl)… Ten Behemoths true power to summon the infamous Eight-Jawed Sword Divergent Primordial Divine General ALPHA WHITE EYES!

Mimhere then asked Vetex: “Are you the strongest because you’re Vetex or are you Vetex because you’re the strongest”

“Stand proud Vetex, you are strong.”

The Narrator then spoke: “In a 1V1 battle… if you’re unsure of who’s going to win, then always bet on Vetex”


Why are there so many jjk fans in this forum? :sweat_smile:

it’s a popular series with magic and this is a forum about a magic game

Yeah, if I remember correctly it basically creates an area that deals damage to anyone in it

would also need a barrier spell too i think

Zone & Barrier Expansion…

idfk bro :sweat_smile:

Cataclysm magic, barrier: Judgement Isle

its too soon brother.

btw the next chapter gon have 5 pages of fighitng, and Mimhere getting cooked up (kinda), pretty bad writing and choreography sucks ass, so dont get ur hopes up