Minecraf skin

So a while ago I made this skin for one of my WoM characters, Chad Marshall. What are your thoughts on it? (Obviously nothing great because I’m not experienced with making Minecraft skins.) I’ll leave a comparison below, sorry that the WoM screenshot was at night but I really don’t feel like finding a server that it’s daytime in.



might as well do the same for my character.

I’ll give you a tip: don’t even bother trying to make with the accessories lmao. Unless it’s something basic like a bracelet, it’s more effort than it’s worth.

kk. I’ll make a ham

wooo adventure story
i was too lazy to wait for the day, my character isnt wearing black


New skin I made, not the greatest but it’s a step up from the last one. This time based off of my legendary hero main WoM file.

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WoM character for reference


like I said, not the best skin ever made but I think this skin is definitely an improvement and I wouldn’t mind rocking this skin for quite a while.

How on Earth does Chad Marshall look so good :face_with_raised_eyebrow:? I’ve never seen such a good use for wizard hat in vanity, it looks great in cobalt

Thank you! The wizard hat does look pretty good if you combo it well, I really like how it looks with the cauldron on that file too. I use the wizard hat on a couple of my characters and I actually think it looks better on the other one. It works really well with white like that other character has.

(The other character I'm talking about. Does look a little worse with the boss drops sticking out

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Jeez! That’s really neat looking :sunglasses:.

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