Minotaur abuse

minotaur is not happy with trackers, think about him
also femtaur design haha



give minotaur some rest smh

minotaur spare day


No rest for minotaur give me your hat image

mino’s suffering will stop once TGR drops

Well maybe the Minotaur should give me more Vastiras then if he wants some rest. He never thinks about my feelings, I’m tired too

TGR is the great minotaur peace era

he needs to give me vastiras which don’t then end up with shitty enchantments

he will be at peace in a different world, he will be gone

nah let that dude get some exercise
feel the burn

Minotaur :pensive:

Leave me alone you little shits I’m fishing

-timmy galleon

only femtaur i respect

They will finally rest the day Vetex finishes AO

One of the reasons I left the art cord.

yes… Permanently…

sexual abuse, reported, BANNED

NOOOOO :hungry:

i like the axe and it’s sad face