Minotaur farming tips?

So i want to farm a bit our loved Mino, I need to get some good information about him.
I can handle a fight with him but its hard for me to find him.
Usually i just run around our newest zone and look for him but it isn’t enough. Can someone tell me a good way of finding him without using quest-tracking ?

Well there is one way, if you go to your map you see really flat areas with nothing around them, they could have chances of a boss spawnings in one of does flat areas

No good way except using quest tracking I will give you a tip. This is what I did

  • Make an Alt (Make another roblox account not another save file)
  • Choose hero storyline and level up till level 60
  • You get the Mino tracker
  • Now friend the alt from your main
  • Download Roblox from the Microsoft store
  • Now sign in with alt in microsoft store
  • Join game from main from the website
  • From Alt join your main’s server through the friend joining game system
  • Find minotaur through alt switch to main go to location kill it
  • Repeat above process

Me, as a jojo-roblox games player, Already understand that multi shit.
I also gotta say that micosoft roblox is trashier than trash lel.

I mourn for you

Yes I know it’s thrash af so what you do is after finding mino location put a marker on your main leave the game(your alt account) and boom

That is actually the less efficient way of getting/using a tracker. The more efficient way is to go through the villain storyline until you get the “A letter from ‘The Minotaur’” quest. This allows you to use the tracker even if you accidentally hit the Mino with your alt, and you can use it infinitely as long as your alt doesn’t talk to the Mino.

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  1. make a new file
  2. get good enough gear
  3. go through the villain storyline
  4. the most important step: DONT finish the quest where you have to talk to the minotaur
  5. take advantage of step 4; you’ll always be able to see where he is by tracking the quest, and kill him instead of talking to him. this won’t finish the quest and works forever unless you finish it

this also works with the exiled by going through the hero storyline instead, but you’ll have to lower your reputation to friendly or below to kill him

also use code ChosenOne so that leveling up isn’t a pain on your new file