Minotaur's charge

is it me or does the Minotaur AI need a bit of a fix? Whenever i try to fight the Minotaur on an open spot near the sea, he charges himself into the ocean instead of doing an axe throw.


na its more just he charges and he falls in
his charge rng probably gets effected by how close you are to it

thank you very much.

yes, you do have a chance to get the drops, but the drops chance is based off dmg input, so if he dies without you doing much dmg, your chance of drops is decreased.

yeah but it depends on how much damage you’ve already dealt, if he runs into the water when you only get 1 hit on him itll be less than a 0.5% chance to get an item

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ok then go get a minotaur set by doing that if its fine

really, dude?