Mirage, The Abyss Seer

i thought that shit was revon for a second :sob:

Phew okay…wait Calvus has children??? Where are they in game tho?

an npc mentioned that calvus’s kids are too young to take up the throne after his assassination :+1::+1:

neviro on his way to take control of Ravenna and re-allocate all the funds towards purchasing weed

Oh shat that just makes me feel bad about Ravena now

what is she even saying


that is not english that’s a vague assortment of lines

idccccc i still stand by the fact that my handwriting is a masterpiece capable of rivaling the idk ffucking declaration of independence

you had too much to drink

rivaling the Declaration of Independence is NOT a good thing bruh… you really saying your hand writing is nearly on the level of practically illegible old man writing from hundreds of years ago

prettyyyy wordsssss :)))))