Mirage, The Abyss Seer

Agh! Curse this wretched, fragile body! Alas, this is what I deserve from trying to go against my flawless foresight. I sense you’re not one to leave without answers, so I will tell you what I know.

Clearer Version

@Crimsonpants suggested that I give myself a cool title based on the AU, so that’s what I did – “The Abyss Seer,” the one who fortells the dire fate of the War Seas.

My fav little detail of this is the Atlantean logo shaped seeing stone, which are used for divination and are said to allow one to see the future when looking through them.


Can you predict wether or not a certain big shark will show up

a giant white eyes is rapidly approaching your location at 97 mph

LET’S GOOOO. That looks so sick haha!

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what the hell does the speech bubble say im only making out 3-4 words

“ur gonna kill and eat ur kids in three months”

Yoooo Darkirage! peak fiction from ours truly
:clap: :nod:

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Drew like a dark, fucked up version of Mirage haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality. A full stare into my twisted perspective would make most simply go insane lmao

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I think i have enough twisted visions already, thank you for sparing us off of yours

listen to the intrusive thoughts
i know you wanna use a full charge attack on that civilian

can u predict if the Excalibur’s crew get a pizza party when they reach the epicenter


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nahhhh dw they got the american dream (a comically large arsenal of wild west era guns)

Is that Revon…?

its calvus :sob::sob:

his hair aint lookin right

also where tf his beard go

it might seem crazy what im bout to say

its a half assed doodle

plus context clues couldve helped, cause who else other than calvus & ulricus has canonical children

“henlo people, time for the daily weather forecast in the Abyss Sea, its going to be rainy (as always…) with a chance of white eyes in the air, good luck”

me and thy mother