Mirage's doodle thread

oc content RAHHHHHH

look at my silly goober who is definitely human guys believe her

Close Ups

Diane doodles 5

Diane doodles 7


this MIIIGHT become a doodle thread if ppl actually want to see my half assed drawings :sob:

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It is forum tradition that you must


Yeah, she’s convincingly human. Mhm. Yep. Yup. Yeah.


this is literally peak human performance, you cant get more human than this

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really good artwork, she just like me!!!

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shes an atlantean in disguise

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This is a really great character design, I quite like how they’re a mix of of human and a sea creature (I wanna say siren but not sure if you ever specified). Can’t wait to see more of her! :3

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idk if she has a specific species, but shes a descendant of this guy from greek mythology


so uh… snake… girl???


Oh I see, interesting lore :0

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Ayo, why she wearing an invisibility cloak for most of them?

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to save me from the grueling task of drawing the complicated ao armor :sob::sob:

Makes sense, though you could have just had her in standard clothing instead.

i mean, yeah, but also coming up with outfits is hard and these were mostly made as stress relief from my finals :skull::skull:

Fair enough.

siren clothes :smiling_imp:

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Soooo human and soooo pretty I love beautiful characters who are also absolute menaces

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SHE A CUTIE PATOOTIE but also quite possibly. ate calvus and argos’s bodies (at least, that’s what the Ravenna townsfolk say)

LOOK if no one ELSE was gonna eat it, gods forbid a woman has hobbies :roll_eyes: