Mirage's doodle thread

…Is it bad that I’ve got a character who’s 7’10 (not AO) but that’s just because…

Fucking gigantic yapfest dear god what was I doing writing this right after I woke up

She’s been genetically altered to be comically strong (and height = more mass which in turn = more capacity for muscles + higher base weight, so she can lift more than most people (people can only regularly lift about the same amount as they weigh, unless doing specific techniques like used used for bench-pressing and powerlifting, from what I’ve understood)

I’m inclined to think this is fine do not worry. At least you explain it lmao

goofy ah heights

height somewhat makes no difference in strength if your a magic user but its funny

can I give her a concussion with a lead pipe :heart_eyes:

throw in a lobotomy while you’re at it and its a deal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My favorite cat; and the third best on the forum (according to the official vote)

WAUGHGJJJ . adorable lil pal!

this is just the enemies to lovers trope

pretty much

except its more like enemies to tolerable to weird cryptid he keeps around like a pet to brag about himself to except that she very much agrees with everything he says about himself enthusiastically and that throws him off astronomically

Julian after saying he’s incredibly good at doing fucked up things as a joke and watching Diane unironically support him

Julian, rethinking his entire life after his job allowed him to assist in unjust executions and an entire genocide: :sleeper:

Diane: But you were pretty damn good at it!

supportive queen, at least :raised_hands:

need a diane in my life fr

she’d get so excited over the most mediocre things that you do, like the absolute bare minimum :sob:

Biggest Hypeman fr fr ! ! !

She’d literally kill and eat you, Mirage.

and i wouldnt be mad

who could be, at that face??

digital version:

for context, i accidentally printed THIS DOODLE out to a random printer in my school and had to scramble around the building looking for it :skull:


dawg that face is gonna be in my rotating selection of nightmares tonight

that’s good, I’ve missed instilling fear into people with my silly roblox drawings

me rn:
Screenshot 2024-05-14 9.41.32 AM
time to get that essence

i would NOT be terrified of that silly little face
live laugh love diane!