MmMmmMMm Gemstones

Kinda ready for gem socketing feature frfr

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wait, so those gems ive been selling are worth stuff

In the future yeah, though it’s all just speculation considering everything in the item category seem to have it’s uses. Even the pearls that at first people would think should only be sold for galleons but in fact could be used as an ingredient in alchemy.

the chaos emeralds

Gems and pearls will be used for gem socketing. Clams and other items you pick up will be used for potions.

Basically everything will have a use.

This reminds me that I need to get on and break some rocks today

I forgot what gem socketing was what was it again

can’t wait to use chaos control in ao

Nobody knows what exactly it’ll involve, or what it’s used for. But we can guess it’s just a way to create or change amulets and other accessories.

well uhh… time to start breaking more rocks and hoarding I guess

This method is a scam I got like 110 rock salts and 2 gems