Modes and Warlocks

Alright so, without a question a fighting style mode will buff a fighting style. However, with warlocks I’m wondering, since I’m imbuing a magic will it benefit the fighting style (even just a little)? Say later on I use a size mode and then have an imbued fighting style, would my imbued magic now benefitting from the size mode buff the fighting styles attack size?

About to test this with power mode

Just tested it; I used crash without magma then used power aura, imbued my fighting style with magma, and used crash again. The damage didn’t change

This covers unimbued and imbued with power aura but not the ones without a power aura, what about those? Although, presumably if the damage doesn’t change then the only way to increase the fighting style stats via a mode would be by using the fighting styles actual mode. Therefore, if I want to use primarily fighting styles then I would need to focus on fighting styles and not magic.

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Yeah, I’m a 150 magic 100 strength warlock but going 150 strength instead probably would’ve been more ideal since now I mainly use my fighting style

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