Modifiers go crazy

A quick budget build I put together, modifiers are very good for budget builds
The defense amulet gives around ~350 defense and the steel armour ~300, with armoured it should be +50. Drowned steel and frozen arcsphere also give a fair amount of stats… and the pauldrons are there because I couldn’t find anything better…

Will modified steel/titanium be meta? Probably not, but it’s fun non the less.

Help my I chart for 5 hours me head is go lil crazzy hehehehee

Most likely no, at least according to my calculations. They lack secondary stats and the huge defence bias forces you to play a tank, and if you try to fix it with gems and enchants, you notice dropoff compared to normal sets.

The one with less size is where I tried to replace my planned accs (arc bracelet, calv chest and sunken boots) for titanium items.

After playing around with modifiers and enchants, the closest I got was a small power and def gain at the cost of a quarter of my size. IMO not worth it.

Waiting for people to scream at me for size build. I wont build anything else unless they add defence+other substat gems.

5 hours of charting…
This man needs help NOW!!!