Mods, can this be slightly fixed? May be abused. (Formers ignore this)

Dear Mods:

Something needs to be changed. It’s small though.

So, rule 22 states that any titles can’t have profanity, and that’s fine, but it says any use of profanity is allowed in the topic. I know there’s going to be that one person that will say “Well technically I can say anything in a topic just not in the title” after being punished.

This may have been said elsewhere but you should add that regular topic rules apply, and that profanity should be limited.

I don’t want to cause drama but I thought it would be good to make this forum even stronger.

I’ll clarify: Permissible profanity, not any profanity.

Ok, thanks.

Can you close this topic btw? It’s not needed anymore.

Requested by OP.