Monitor Lizard in a store



imma take that one home now

That’d be one exotic pet.

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new cat!

Thought you misspelled monster for a second


You misspelled misspelled.

That’s it, I’ll mispell your name as a counter ultrs
wait shit i did it again

Sorry Warpingkoo. It is just the most ironic typo. I had no choice.

what the fuck

Actual footage of when I was trying to reach something when I was 5:


I see these stuff lazing around on tree branches here in australia. Looking at it again, it looks like a water monitor but without they bright yellow markings.

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Is that like… someone’s pet, or is it just roaming around freely?

I mean, in the title of the source video it says that it’s a water monitor, but… for some reason it seems to me like it has too thin of a tail for being one. I don’t know why. Probably just my idea and it is a water monitor lizard…

yea i’d like to buy that one please


give them chips and a soda