Monthly Popular Fashion Survey

Yahallo~! It’s me NEKOSAIKOU. Please fill out this survey that i made about what people mostly wear for fashion in this month. It’s for entertainment purposes if you’re wondering why im making this, wouldn’t you wanna know what’s popular among what people wear these days? I’ll post the most popular clothing by top 3 in about a week after this post (-⊙ω⊙-).

Oh yeah in case people gets confused, it’s a survey about what set of clothes people wear in WoM, not just one clothing. Hope this clears up the confusion (✿◠ ‿◠).

Survey Link:

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You should’ve added an option to say you use one of the tailors shirt/pants like the suit and what not.

Would have been simpler if you just asked people to show you their avatars.

So here is mine:

There is no fashion. There is only Vladimir Putin, forever president of Russia.

edit because I didn’t like the image.

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communist power, nice

I rarely wear anything outside cape and glasses
they were mostly just stock char shirt

I also try many different color for my save char
so it looks colorful



ayyy check me out I’m doing russian no-hand pushups and spitting facts

hello my fellow comrade

True i can just ask people to post their outfit in here but then again it’ll take more time to compute the votes but if i use the google doc form, it immediately shows the percentage and votes, making it easier to compute (☞゚∀゚)☞

You can just upload your character in here but if possible, please fill out the survey as it helps me compute the number of votes faster.