Monthly Writing Prompts: October 2023

haha I forgot about this


Story and Setting Prompts

An island full of ghosts in the Dark Sea.

Carnevale (the festival) in Ravenna!

What happens after a crew returns from the Dark Sea with a ton of loot.

Dialogue Prompts

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

“Do I look like I knew that?”

“If you don’t stop now —”

Character Prompts

A forsaken captain who is slowly turning into an Atlantean, along with their crew.

A ghost in the Dark Sea (any origin is fine)

A general of Ravenna trying to pick up the pieces after Calvus’ death.


Do you reply to this post with written prompts or make it its own post in the category?

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make a new post, then link back to the prompt you used

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oh, guess i’ll write something again. Maybe I’ll finish “Rhythm of War” first

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I think I’ll try one of these this time around

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why did this post as a reply i literally went to make a new topic :sob:

The first character prompt makes me want to try writing again.