Morden interrogates a grunt

Was suppose to make something chill for Morden, but we know Morden. He got no chill, he’s the coldest >:)

Here’s a goofy extra

is Takeshi unfunny?

Also, I forgot to add this sneak peak…

(do mp4’s even work?)


no takeshi is very funny

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omg he is about to mord

anyways, really nice work on the lighting! nice seeing more morden art

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I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED DJEJEJEJKDDJKSFDSJDJSJDS I LOVE MORDEN MORB MORD HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE what an edgelord fr :heart_eyes: awesome art i love your style sm jgjjjg

Morden needs to learn from Hanns Scharff at interrogating. Torture is not a good method to extract information.

Also, the video seems to be broken, unfortunately.

I’m not sure if the MP4 is working…

it’s working for me though, i see an animation of someone being attacked by magic and running away

MORDEN THE SILLEST HES SO SILLY EHHEHEHEHEHHEHEHE :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: (complete sentence)

MORDENNNNNN man your style is so epic and you make him look so cool : D loving the perspective you did of him using his powers as a means of intimidation

also the video does work, the animation looks nice so far !! they gotta run fast-

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