Morden's bad ending

What items does he drop

Checkmate, Matpat, I found where Sans REALLY came from.


gawd, how you design this version of him, terrifying and epic, also the details man :ok_hand:
(((the file name tho :sob: )))

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Morden cant really ‘die’ since his spirit is trapped and cant move on, thus his body will continue to be exposed to the powers of nature and eroded until nothing is left of his original body

also cells are dead so no passive body tissue regen

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bro think he ravager of the seas

Bruh, soon he’ll look like the actual personification of Death. Or the Grim Reaper

all you would need to kill Morden is a devourer.

Avg mages live to 500, skilled mages live to 1000

(In lifespan, not expectancy cause they can be killed)

morden will still outlive them as long as he isn’t killed

Peacekeeper will probably take his curse long before any of them die (he literally has hundred of years to), chances curse users ever actually live extremely long is very small and we only know 2 that are over a thousand that I can remember (Freedrock, Randal)

yea, as long as he isn’t killed

why is this thread suddenly alive again

If Morden is Sans, then could Tucker be Papyrus?

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mc won’t die as long as he doesn’t die

that’s true, but your post is also assuming that iris doesn’t die for whatever reason before morden, so neither of us truly have points now

They have an equal projected life expectancy or even a little less for Morden since people will be specifically trying to kill him since he has the death curse.

people will also be specifically trying to kill iris for going against the order of aesir and being involved in whatever countries and wars she gets into in the future, there’s plenty of chance for morden to be around to witness her death

Morden literally did the same thing and is more of a threat

yes, but he has the death curse to defend himself with while iris is fodder compared to him

also they’re both main characters, they’re not just gonna die in the middle of the story, and as long as they both survive the end no one’s gonna want to mess with them after that except peacekeeper, and they could just ignore morden like trigno and averill

A desperate revon could possibly find a devourer and just stab him