More accurate pve vs pvp stats

ran this poll on my channel, since I’m not a pve or PvP ao YouTuber
take it as you will, as expected the forums are skewed torwards pve

to be fair, AO isnt rlly made with pvp in mind

And your channel with PvP clips is skewed towards PvP community… There isnt a valid way to check, we would need to do a poll in-game or smth

interesting that it’s still in favor of pve players tho its probably more even

did you expect me to put clips of fighting npcs in the background :skull: that’s way too hard lol, literally every ao ytber that makes yap videos uses pvp, its also better for retention

I don’t think there will ever be a definitive way to gauge how many players do what. I’ve seen people say before that AO would be untouched if PvP was removed and that PvP is satan’s curse on AO which I completely disagree with.

I think at its core AO is a PvE game although (this is a hunch and just my opinion based off of historical evidence) PvP games in Roblox tend to do way better in the genre that AO is in. So I think that it was kinda shoehorned in because of that but I could be wrong. Regardless PvP is a thing that exists and it built up a community around it so now it has to be balanced like everything else. And then it just so happens that this game’s PvE style combat isn’t complex enough to balance player vs player interactions, Player vs environment balance, build move sets, etc.

I think this leads to the situation we have now. Me personally I think this game’s entire combat system should be revamped but that’s not realistic at all. But even if the combat system is flawed there are some people who like it subjectively. So yeah there are 2 sides of the community and complaining about either one is goofy (IM NOT GONNA NAME DROP COUGH COUGH PEOPLE WHO DERAIL PVP THREADS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM COUGH COUGH)

Really depends on a situation. If I am bored and relaxed, then I would more likely to go for pvp session, but if I come back from a hard rainy working day, then I will prefer pve session over pvp.