More firearm abilities/techniques

I know that almost nobody uses the musket and the flintlock in the game, for good reason too, I mean they suck for the most part. So, why not add more techniques to be unlocked as you level up? So I have a few ideas for that.

Starting with flintlock moves/abilities


  • Upon holding down whatever key is used to perform this move, the player is in a pose where they are hovering their hand over their holstered flintlock like in those cowboy movies… When they hover their cursor over a target, and then release the key for the move, they draw their gun and fire, in a instant, doing high damage. The thing is that the player must keep their cursor aimed on said target. This move would require a high level to perform.

Dead Eye (tentative name).

  • Dead eye would allow you to hold down the key for the move, then lock onto a target and mark one of their limbs to be shot (leg, arm, head, torso). When the key is released, it auto-aims to that exact area and shoots, doing extremely high damage. This would cost a lot of energy due to it’s high damage, and can only be done on one limb at a time, but a dual flintlock can lock onto two limbs but cost twice the energy aswell. By chance, if the damage is high enough, or the attack is done on the same place more than once, this could result in the target losing a limb or suffering crippling in said limb.
    This move would require a much higher level or higher skill to perform.

Pistol Whip.

  • Just bash someone with the gun at close range.


Musket moves/abilities

Eagle Eye

  • This move wouldn’t really do damage, but rather once activated, it’d highlight the hp or weakest parts of the target, allowing the player to choose which limb to shoot to do the best damage.

Gun Bash.

  • Same as pistol whip, except more dmg because the gun is bigger.

Ricochet Shot

  • Once the key for the move is activated, the player can shoot at anything, and the bullet will ricochet off of whatever it is (as long as it’s not alive), and build up more and more speed, until the bullet lands on the nearest living target. The longer the key is held down before release, the longer it will ricochet and build up more speed, and the higher the speed will equate to the amount of damage.


I’m not entirely sure how one would go about unlocking these moves, but perhaps there can be a variant of the musket and flintlock that can allow these moves to be unlockable. I just really wanted to give some ideas that would benefit the 3 players who want to be cowboys. :man_shrugging:

high damage auto aiming moves :dread:



People do use them :skull:

they are used and they’re good if you have good aim

Yeah ik but it’s kinda a small amount