More group content and state of clans

I’m sure this issue will mostly get resolved with clan building update, but as of rn there’s nt much incentive to be in a clan. Maybe Vetex can add some small bonus’s or events for clans because there’s almost no incentive at all to grind infamy or to be in a clan.

There’s not much incentive to play with people in more than a group of 2 also(splitting darksea rewards between more than 2 people isn’t very efficient). The only time I’m playing with a group of people is either at Munera or mini clan wars. What I’m about to bring up I’m sure Vetex has thought of, anyways I think in the future we should see a very large Dark sea event that requires the power of 6 solid players meaning 12 players if most of them are have more casual skill level to incentivize playing in groups. The event would be something like this maybe either at 5th level or at the epicentere there could be either a large island with LOTS of Dark Sealed chests (at least 100 chests it takes like an hour to get to epicentere and like 40-50 minutes to get to the 5th range also the loot has to get split between a bunch of players so id say like 500 chests even.) and loot may be held within a treasury or something. The island could be the Atlantean base or kingdom and you have to wage full on war against them to get to the loot. It would be awesome to see something like this even if it’s far in the future. The brig would would be a bit small and under powered for this event and the event would require at least 2-3 galleons (Huge ship that is coming in the far future to AO)

I have another idea off the top of my head that I don’t rlly see this being implemented exactly how im thinking but hopefully it could inspire Vetex with the concept . Basically we know there will be kingdom alignment task in the future with pirates raids kingdoms and islands and such. MAYBE we get to see Atlanteans approaching these islands and trying to take them over and also it can work like this maybe if possible the server has a possibility of being fully taken over by Atlanteans. Too branch off this even more there will be an option to aid Atlanteans into taking over the server so you can reap the rewards resources of the islands you helped them take over. If I were to implement this I would make the Atlanteans take over event trigger once a server is 12-14 hours old so that players have a chance to gain control of islands or decide whether they want to help Atlantean’s, before Atlantean’s just take over the server by themselves. The alternative to taking over the server would be fighting the Atlantean’s and pushing them back to the Dark Sea. This next Idea kind of ties some of this together so once You stop the Atlanteans and push all them out of say for example nimbus sea or any of the sea’s after that. It can trigger a cutscene that gives a clue to where the Atlantean base/kindom is this triggers the server event where you can go to the 5th range epicenter or wt ever for 500 sealed chest or wt ever incredibly valuable loot Vetex wants to add.

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outside of being a fucking prick and making the community more toxic that is

just delete the feature entirely bruh best course of action

No it has a lot of potential i was just thinking about how me and my freinds took over silverhold together not only as a clan but also with allies so we can all get the badge and I just want to see more stuff like that. taking over silver hold is actually rlly worth it if u have enough members with u, u get like 1k infamy an hour cuz it gives 105 every 5 minutes. Ik know that the clan update will give more incentive and will be pretty cool once it does come out.

I feel like 50% of the reason nobody joins a clan is to make their own since that’s the only way to safely store galleons. We really need the personal bank from AA.

Yes exactly most of my clan mates have their own clans for this reason and I don’t blame them. Although I’m sure we’ll see clan stuff pan out with time AO is a big project and Vetex is making rlly good steady progress

Ok, so, incentive to join a clan:
If the incentive for doing something is exclusively to benefit you, it turns into a grindfest, and while AO may be somewhat of a grinding simulator, it’s much more of a fun game for me, with tons of things to do and people to hang out with.

For me, I joined a clan because I wanted to have fun. And I did. And I am. Having a small community of people united under one game is great, and I thoroughly enjoy hanging out with my clan and trying to get us back on the leaderboard.

Next: 500 dark sealed chests??
Firstly, even with the help of, say, 7 people, after a battle is fought, it’s over. It will be like… maybe a 10-12 minute long battle, and then you and whatever is left of your crew (say, 5 people maybe) have to load 100 chests EACH onto the boat, or that’s 50 trips per person. Not to mention, during all the fighting and transporting, you have severe weather and insanity 4/5 to deal with, so your boat could honestly sink before you are able to load even half of the chests on one boat.

Also, servers shut down after 12 hours, if I’m not mistaken. And, making this a timed event could make clans server hop to find a free 2,000 infamy (plus whatever they get for pvp), leading to even more of a grindfest.

I haven’t been to the Dark Sea much, but from what I can tell, about 3 dark chests is enough to flood your wallet and give you pretty good drops. Now, imagine what might happen to the economy of the game if 1 member of a clan had like 50 atlantean hulls or whatever it’s called.

And the Atlantean Raid thing… I’m just going to say that it doesn’t make sense to the lore cause… the Atlanteans are dead sailors who were lost to the dark sea, and the magic energy of the rain revitalized them, however mutating them, turning them into monsters forever, and they can’t leave the Dark Sea because… the magic energy of the rain is keeping them alive. I just made that up, but there’s obviously some reason we haven’t seen Atlanteans outside the Dark Sea thus far.

Uh—tl;dr, your suggestion is bad.

I didn’t know exactly wt the lore on atlanteans we’re and this idea was off the top of my head I still would like Vetex to implement the concept even if it weren’t Atlantans.

Servers last 36 hours not 12.

Me too I enjoy hanging out with my clanmates. I also think it would be fun if AO had an elaborate challenging group event for clans.

I also said the rewards could be wt ever Vetex decides this idea isn’t something I’ve been trying to fulll proof it’s just that. An Idea.

Also since you’ve never been to darksea I’ll tell you as some who’s had 50+ plus chests used, luck 4 and 5 potions just to get 1 power scroll and a couple armored scrolls that 3 darksealed chests isn’t shit.

Finally AO is a great game and I love playing with my friends. I was just throwing an idea out there that can possibly spark some more innovation to Vetex because. That is wt this game is a bunch of innovative concepts in one there isn’t another game like AO

I still hate u for saying my suggestion is bad ok maybe not hate but I’d definitely flirt with your mother

thats crazy zawg