More reaction emoji ideas

i dont like the idea of liking a post just to say that u dont like it

anyways a :fax: reaction would be nice

a phone reaction.


i don’t think it counts as liking it though, these are reactions, not hearts.

still shows a heart in the notification tab

okay but that’s just for fast clicking if you don’t wanna put a negative reaction, also, reactions, don’t make a topic orange, so they aren’t hearts/likes

it you hover over it, there’s more reactions.

the idea is you select a negative reaction. a reaction isn’t positive or negative.

and X

so we can finally type out
SEX under every post

this man is a fucking genius.

get this guy a nobel peace prize.

It’s a fax machine. “Fax” sounds like “facts” so people use it in response to comments they agree with.

oh okay