More reaction emoji ideas


These are the only 4 i would agree with, but the selection box is already kinda large

it wouldn’t let me quote it… :question:

I kinda agree with thinking but the others are ehhh.

I think the question mark would be good for like asking for more details or an explanation without flooding a topic and the exclamation mark is good, the skull is either or for me and thinking is just a good reaction emoji

It sounds like a good idea on paper, but when put into practice it won’t go so well.

What does this even mean?

This is definitely an ego thing.





Eh maybe


Eh why not



Eh sure



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Can we get a :nerd_face: and a :horse:

No, just no
That isn’t the point of reactions to spread “hate” to messages.
I’d say the created emojis only, not ones that give egotisical auras or toxicity

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add skull for when people say the most outlandish things

I don’t get what’s so wrong with having a dislike reaction.
Are y’all just scared of having your posts disliked or am I just missing something?

apparently dislike icons will spread “hate” or something and cause the forums to be more toxic idfk

then again the forums are toxic to begin with so I mean how bad can it be?

Am I the only one who’s wondering fucking how???
Are you telling me the forums will be ruined if you can react to a post with “:nerd_face:
That’s fucking stupid.

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bro I am in the same boat as you tbh

like genuinely I don’t think people are gonna cause this place to fall to shreds if we add a clown emoji or a dislike

then again idk maybe like it’s another way to harass someone but like c’mon a few emojis really cannot be that bad

We have too many reactions already. Instead of adding more, let’s get rid of :confetti_ball: and :+1: (thumbs up redundant b/c of :heart:).

I guess so, but then we should add replacements

i like :+1: tho

I’m sorry, but :+1: is going to a farm upstate.