More Ship Customization [3 Sail Slots]

More Ship Customization [3 Sail Slots]
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One sail slot is too limiting!!!

Proposal: 3 Total Sail Slots

One for the background


One for the border


One for the primary design


Why go through all the effort?

I think it would greatly benefit player customization. While there are tons of great designs right now, some of them are matched with debatable edges (such as death with solid ones and not thins).
This would also allow for much more mix-n-match and the easy introduction of new borders, allowing for even more combos.

What new combos would you make?


Some sail designs would go so hard with this background

itd only make sense if all sail patterns were common, cuz the entire point of uncommon and rare ones is that the combine multiple common patterns

I like it (complete sentence)

Only some combinations exist, which is the inherent problem with the current system
You could still have rarities for complexity or such

approve but instead you can add them onto eachother with like a loom to make 1 sail, we also need hulls resistant to magics too later on

All I want in life is this border
with a different colored gradient & a some cool design

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poison shark, white eyes and obulus sail slot combo (probably, i dunno i dont pay alot of attention to sail patterns)
optional: extra vanity slots gamepass could also unlock more combo’s/it could be a seperate gamepass

would love if you could color the background i need, that, red, background

let us choose the design for the secondary sails on the brig

You can paint the white part of sails with your paintbrush.

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