More types of arrows

So there’s 2 types of arrows in the game currently normal and smoke.
But what other types of arrows that you guys think that should be in the game?
For me personally i want a rope arrow, and arrow which when it hit an enemy, it will pull them to you, if’s not that op considering how hard it is to aim a bow
But what do you guys think?

I like the rope arrow idea. I think they should add;

Fire arrows - Burn effect if it hit the target
Explosion arrows - Small explosion when it hit the ground/target
Poison arrow - Poisoned effect if it hits the target

And then I think there should be the option to “invest” your magical energy into an arrow which would granted it unique properties of your element.

spew some poison clouds then light it with a fire arrow.

i need this :pray:

I’m pretty sure magic arrows will exist

I didn’t even think of that. I love that idea :flushed:

They only mention magic weapons and arrows aren’t really a weapon. I’d expect the bow to be magic, not the arrow, but I’d prefer the arrow to be magic

I hope magic tipped arrows will be a thing :poggers2:

Maybe magic arrows could be used when u get to tier 2 or mastery ur magic, cz at that level u could give any shape to ur element , and then magic arrows could just cost mana, or u could enchant ur arrows with ur element but i think u probably would still need tier 2…

The bow would probably be made of arcanium, and conduct the magic into the arrows that way. Arcanium arrows would be expensive.