Mortal_Shad0w's climbing tip

This is a small tip, but very useful. If you have troubles with climbing on top of spires or mountains, you can Climb + T, we saw that in Vetex’s leaks videos.

You asking how it will help since high jumps require a lot of stamina?

  • Well, when you use high jump you restore your stamina while you in air, then you just fall to the position from which you have jumped and woah… you got extra stamina.

How does that work?

  • Pretty simple, when you run out of stamina, you use high jump which uses your health instead of stamina (cuz you have no stamina) and while you falling down, you restore your stamina and grasp old position without losing your progress, and continue climbing. You can repeat it until you die.
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or you could just use katana/dual swords…

or you can climb

or you can take an oath to obtain the synapse x oath and fly all the way

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Synapse Magic: Fly Me!

Sorry for video quality.

You can also destroy some parts on the side of the wall to act as a little resting spot for you to recharge your stamina.