Most active guild discord servers?

Curious if there’s any active guild discords out there that I’m not aware of, the most active that I know of are Suncry, my own, Pandemonium, and Helios.

The guild I’m in is so active, most of the time we don’t even type in anything

Roselight went from pretty active to almost completely dead within only a few days


I think most guilds right now are slowly dying and will probably die sometime in the next few months before TGR. As for specific guilds, Salvatore is the only active guild I know.

Pandemonium is hella dead rn

Gargle nut in AR

Spellbreakers and Lotus Order discord servers :nod:

You don’t know what dead looks like then lol

my small guild of like 16 people is hella active :fr:


ok buddy

my privite server is very active, :nod:

mfw ao forums

3 messages per day is dead

That’s a rather low bar, they have more than that.

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