Most boring thing in the game?

I try to do that, it doesn’t work out most the time cause i have nothing to trade

most boring things from greatest to least is fishing cargo and dark sea

“yeah just trade for a sunken warrior chest if you don’t wanna be poor anymore”

cargo cause for fishing you can at least watch a video while doing it

yeah but then I have to glance at the screen every 2 seconds

literally what I did lol now I have a sw chest

deckhand gifting.

I just need those 8 frayed lead lines so I don’t have to spend much nearly so much time or money repairing in the dark sea, but the freaking menus suck so bad why can’t I use any filters in blacksmith or deckhand menus

what did u trade?

fishing and cargo

Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. (And doing)

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I traded a sunken sword (back when they were worth around 200k bec of wipe) and scammed myself :frcryin:

alright im revoking the w

but now it’s worth more right (idk)

also SOMEHOW I got someone to trade a sunken sword back for my sunken staff (the one I got for kai sabre)

there is a difference between fishing and cargo, with fishing theres a chance of getting a large reward with sunkens or fish so it has more appeal. cargo is the true king of boredom slop since it really is more of a repetitive task with the same expected rewards, as well as the chance of losing it all to a gank.

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when you lose ur fish to gank:

im still mourning the loss of my 47 neon tetra after that attack…:broken_heart:

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I did trade, but I needed to fish to get things to trade

“Currently sailing in the Bronze Sea”

gives me nightmares bro

gotta be cargo

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