Most exciting PvP change/addition?

  • High Jump Cancelling Midway and Startup (0.25 → 0.1)
  • Magic Jump (1 use in the air, refreshes on the ground, and 50% less height)
  • No stamina taken by running
  • Dodges (Double tap WASD or Shift + WASD)
  • Blocking Changes (1s cooldown, 3s duration, and can move on the ground)
  • Hover and Mode
  • New armour stat changes (Attack Speed, Intensity, and removal of strength)
  • Miscellaneous Spell Changes (Explosion startup fix, pillar hitbox fix, beam delay fixed, etc.)
  • Balance Patches (Slight magic balances + new crystal effect)
  • Other (Maybe I forgot something)

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I doubt that pvp still won’t be ass, but you never know.

Hard to decide, but dodges seem to have the most impact, though no stamina while running is pretty vital as well.

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with Dodges back, we’re pretty much one step closer to AA Combat

i think its better than aa combat


now thats exciting

viable weapon gang

Excited for pretty much everything. Based on the clips i’ve seen, AO PVP is already ahead of WoM by leaps and bounds.

when there isnt any ao pvp clips yet :frpensive:

Didn’t you literally post one on your channel?

magic wise
yeah prob should’ve clarified that

i’m a crystal user and the new effect is pretty great, but dodges are probably the biggest change imo

dodges in arcane reborn is shit :fr:
hopefully this one isn’t as shit

wym ar dodges are shit? wym by that

Sometimes works sometimes it doesn’t or something
could’ve been the cooldown but usually every dodge I did it has the same cooldown, but in pvp the cooldown was :fr:

theres a cooldown for dodges? they don’t work that consistently on slopes. slopes are a bit inconsistent on slopes with double tap but they work fine with shift + wasd. overall mechanics of ar dodges are good except stamina.

basically ao and ar dodges are similar except they dont take a shit ton of stamina

can someone refresh me on the normal t jump changes, i have no idea what all that is about

high jumps start with a .1 second windup instead of a .25 second windup (2.5x faster high jumps). this was meant to make high jumps better for players with higher ping, but they’re basically instant to everyone else now.

the other change is that you can now use attacks earlier rather than having to wait until you reach the highest point of the high jump


sick, thanks

dodges would probably become a staple in PvP in the future, so that’d be my pick

no sprint stamina is kinda cool, sounds a bit overkill to me because you’d be able to run infinitely (doesn’t take long to realize how much of an impact this would be)