Most extreme hardest challenge to any forumer willing to draw it

(A character that is Iris the anamoly cuz this man simps harder than any other iris likers)

To honor fireinnerice for his bravey

Get reference from deviantart art trol


True I only draw them toned

strong text!!

There lets see who draws this man iris with a big belly for fire man :skull:

nobody’s gonna draw it flare

give up

I support fires braveness

and this my friends is why advanced weaponry was invented

He should honestly specify what he means by big belly
He’s likely asking this to satisfy a Paraphilia so he’s likely either asking for;

  1. Fat Iris

or honestly much worse;

  1. Pregnant Iris

also why is he asking here you could always just ring up some basement dweller on Deviantart and ask them to draw it for you for like 20$

trust me any artist on DA worth their salt has commissions open

oh my god its the same dude that wanted that one artist to draw iris pregnant (in very crude context it was that one art where iris nsfw has been drawn over with iris in a mobile ad)


i gotta respect the grind

well i mean at least this time he specified.