Most one sided poll in youtube histoy?

I love democracy.

The best boxing strategy known to man in three simple steps:

Step one: train hard

Step two: develop an unbeatable technique

Step three: Ignore steps 1-2 and just sneak a gun into the ring.


People can tell you’re hacking if you use a gun, instead use your hacked client to activate godmode, and make it seem like you didn’t take a lot of damage.

if anyone accuses you of hacking, then just shoot them. It’s unbeatable

Ahh yes, the old fashion approach of committing mass genocide.

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just use a better hack client

It’s my number one solution to all of life’s problems!

but sneaking a gun into the ring is the unbeatable technique

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then you have truly ascended to unparalleled levels of god-like wisdom

I want to see your technique against admins that cannot be killed.

Share pics. Now.

I can just track down their location and shoot them in their house

Yeah… but what if I told you they maxxed out stealth.


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