Most powerful iris simp

This guy, is the was simplest of the simps, his aura is blooms stronger than the holy church itself. His dedication is unbroken, and can never be broken. He dedicates himself to a non-existent animal, first iris, then second. everything else, even with 7 posts, it comes with great energy and honesty.

And that one person stronger than all iris simps is non other than, the unholy annihilation, fireinnerice.

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No way…

The Leader of Church of Iris

Crazy part is he’s against church of iris :skull:

One man vs a Million


Bro no way it’s getting worse :skull: :skull:

THE CHURCH, coming to cinemas near you september

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ive seen very simpy simps… ive also seen stuff…
yea this man aint comin back.

“I wish she loved me”
Damn this dude is going through something…

Wait isnt this guy the one who made Bella Graves pregnant?

that was Zephyr

Ok then I guess he made alt

nah his alt is Lucidity but hes changed

if someone simps on iris mildly im ok with it BUT THIS LEVEL OF SIMPING… NO BUENO