Most toxic guilds from worst to not so bad (from my experience)

  1. Sun cry
  2. Acquire
  3. Azure Sorcery
    4.Roselight Guardians
    (this is based off my experience)


Fun fact: That’s only because guilds are dead

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Roselight one of the least toxic guilds out there?

  1. Noble because noble is the ebst and i love novble i love it yes

Helios 5 what

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chill guild with cool players

chill guild with cool players

chill guild with cool players

not toxic at all

chill guild with cool players

Suncry is not toxic, acquire isn’t toxic either (except when reset and stuff but whatevers), azure isn’t toxic, roselight is not toxic and helios isn’t that toxic and should be in the second spot! SALVATORE MOST TOXIC GUILD BASED!!! !! !!!

Not sure about that with helios but ok

only toxic because you dont like how they’re 10k infamy ahead of 2nd place

not toxic

not toxic

not toxic

toxic sometimes but they’re all pretty friendly

roselight is the chilliest guild pit there, I’ve had scuffles with everyone on the list except roselight


suncry isn’t necessarily bad, the guild’s stereotyped because of the mannerisms of their pvp legion

acquire isn’t bad :moyai:

azure isn’t bad :moyai:

roselight isn’t bad :moyai:

helios isn’t bad :moyai:

I too believe it is difficult to scuffle with people not playing the game

excuse me but helios in 5th?

add more

it was when guilds were first released lmfao, I haven’t played wom in months

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  1. All of them

i’m buddies with em all :joy_cat: :joy_cat:

i’ve got buddies in every guild but not a huge fan of helios

no one likes naval either

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

(helios winnin :sunglasses: )