Most w build

what do you think about this heavily scuffed build im planning for my wind conj

strong power amulet
strong crown of ravenna
swift ravenna apostle bracelets
nimble sunken chest
nimble cernyx boots

equates to 70 power
383 def
49 agil
60 speed
49 size


On the more squishy side health wise, i prefer atleast 1400 health, but that is just me

i like to stay on the edge

Fair enough


funnily enough i main wind conj. Idk if u care, u may not but this is the build i use for it

I played a fair bit into attack speed because it just helps winds already fast speed. Whole idea of my build was to make a build that can hit even more reliably. Greatsword i sometimes change with Musket. Sabre and staff are my beloved

i think it will conjure some wind

thats too much speed
atk speed starts giving less at around 80 so that should be the max you have and then invest into some other stat

I still don’t and refuse to understand what this means

rate the build

2/10 :smoking:


Pretty balanced, but kinda low defense.

not as based as maximum defense :pensive:

im not a high hp liker

thats why i have high agil and speed so i can outmaneuver everyone

Alright. Speed is pretty good.

it has been done

will steal

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