Moved a macro fisher lmao

idk if its against the rules to use a macro to fish but i felt like moving him out lol


yeah macros arent allowed

Yeah so tools like autoclickers are legal but macros are not

the difference is one still requires manual input and attentiveness

Wait I forgot
Do you drain fish when you keep using the rod on land
That’d be funny lmao

No, you don’t.

bro vetex should actually re-enable that
So instead of banning macro fishers you just let them waste away at their fish and then ban them

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no lol that would be so annoying for normal people

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At least I got a counter argument for this:

Skill issue!!

I remember back in WoM when literally everyone was using a macro, and the files were passed around like candy. It sucks that they were banned, because fishing is honestly the most boring and tedious part of the game for me. Especially in the dark sea. Though I obviously understand why they were banned.

Fishing should have an enchantment that catches multiple things, and a new minigame.

i honestly enjoy it, just wish we’d get more content toward it with large updates (could’ve gotten dark sea fish but we just got a modifier)
if i dont get cloudfish in the nimbus sea im gonna snap

yea it can be fun, I fish in AO when I have absolutely nothing to do but I feel like staying in the game if I have anything new to do or want to try for funs and giggles

like my first drink of mystery V

The random small trout capable of surviving one of the most dangerous places in AO lore but is only worth 2 galleons and some carpet lint:

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also hes going to be banned for a while, gg

(the macrofisher guy)

I don’t get why this isn’t a thing. I can understand it may annoy normal players, and frankly this can be easily circumvented, but it’d still reduce alot of macro fishing.

exactly this, i believe the best way to stop macro fishing is to make fishing actually fun

Too bad Vetex is massively stubborn when it comes to things he wants, regardless of what other players want.


Sir why did you waste 10 dark sea diamonds on a drinkable