Muiti blast bug?

My uncharged 20 blast spell normally deals 20 damage per blast but when I charge the spell it deals over 80 damage per blast which I don’t think is supposed to happen

uh oh wom multiblast meta!?!??!?
Also thats light so the 10% stacking damage thing mightve broken it

No because it also happens with crystal

And my friend just tested it with ice

can you try it with multibeam too

Works with beams too

@Fluect you’re the only tester i slightly know of so could you tell us if this is intentional

from what i can recall is memory serves right it’s actually supposed to be this way since the low dmg was a bug/ not intended to be this way.

its literally all multi projectiles :skull:

i swore my multiblasts were doing way too much damage…
NPC ship captains have also been doing 100 damage on 20 count multiblasts to me, I thought it was just a skill issue but maybe it’s broken for them too?

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It isn’t

so apprently vetex made it so it does a flat + damage to every single projectile when even slightly charged

no, you literally have to sit on that exact location for like 3-4 seconds
that’s enough to get nuked by at least 3+ single attacks

also they need to be god tier at tracking to land even half the shots, and that’s not even considering how snow,light and sand worsens vision

Multiblasts were a bit underpowered so we decided to make them deal >2000 damage.


On the topic of unintended things, is there any reason why the imbuement synergies for Conjurer (and maybe Warlock) didn’t get fixed/implemented, or did Vetex just… not see them?

and why is he making it easier to dive into water and stay safe from thrown weapons when it already disables half the magics in the game what the hell how is that allowed

Literally just saw vetex put a fix for this into “Recent” on the trello. Testers can probably tell if it worked.

It’s a bug that he already put as fixed in trello but without it multis are pretty underwhelming since they’re harder to hit and keep you locked in for unreliable damage as most of it is avoidable if you’re not afk

ye multi beams and blasts on light are funny