Munera Garden future

Wouldn’t it be cool if in the future Munera Garden could be place of a pvp event?

Kinda like this:
Post end game, a now strong (maybe even as the strongest spear-user, like he wrote in his journal) Neviro return to Munera Garden and together with Sir Gavin repair it and organize a great tournament.

For the details I’m sure other have better imagination than me, but the idea is cool, isn’t it?
It could even be used as a recurring event, since the journal said that tournaments were hosted every year.

Honestly I’d like if the further we progress into the story, Sir Gavin would repair the island further as well. So at the end of a sea it would look different and eventually be completely repaired.

just make it have spectators

later on

Spectators would be kind of weird tbh and they’re kind of not needed/ useless


They would all die from the insane AoE of high-level players or miss-placed blasts spells hitting the stands.

or they could use some sort of magic spell-shield thing

ah yes, magic shield that can block a mage’s ultimate art inferno blast at lvl 700.

Makes sense.

There’s always a way

Sir gavin completely repairs the arena because he somehow gets the earth curse and the new arena is much larger compared to what it is now.