Mute/Ignore Methods Cannot Be Used

Ever since following got added, it’s blocked out the function of mute and ignore on the profile pages of people. This is a pretty big issue, since some people may be getting harassed by someone, and they can’t block out the notifications from their replies and whatnot.
Here’s an example image of the issue:

As you can see here, I have clicked on the contact status function, but I cannot access any of its functions because of the follow button.

Also getting this issue (firefox).

I’m not sure this is a conflict with the follow plugin - if you look at other areas of the site with this dropdown (like a user’s “Activity” page), the ignore plugin is broken there too:

Inspect element shows that the dropdown elements are still there, but they’re not rendering (and they can’t be clicked on).
Couldn’t find anything on this issue, but maybe headless has better insight.

This isn’t the first thing the v2.4 forum update has broken. Are we sure we’ve installed the new plugins correctly?

I have this issue on Edge as well.

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