My 12th October 2021 was fun

Today in my school fire alarm went off, but luckily nothing was caught on fire because fire was not. Someone hit alarm button and raised alarm, because they were crazy. That was fun, but not without panic.
I made this topic just because of that I am bored.
(I edited the post, since @Bue 's rephrasing was more correct)

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Can you rephrase all that please?


Almost died reading the first line, But cool.

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Ima try rn
“Today in my school, the fire alarm went off but luckily, nothing was caught on fire because there wasn’t even an actual fire. Some just did that for spite. It was pretty fun but everyone was panicking”
Oh yeah last part
“I made this topic because I was bored as h*ck”

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Underage lol get on my level
Yes I do realize that I’m the same age as him :<

This reminds me of the time my school almost burned down because the cafeteria kitchen was on fire… good times

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One time the fire alarm was set off in my school when the people in the kitchen burned some toast. We thought we smelled something burning, so we were freaking out. That was pretty funny now that I look back at it. (I think the Fire Department was called as well)

Wdym, sir?

Why you almost died

Ah, thanks for rephrasing. My English is not good I guess

A month ago the power went out then we had to do our project in the heat outside (Since it was about photosynthesis) then we went back in, then the fire alarm went off. Then a few days ago I failed the first math test I understood in over a year since I forgot to fill in 2 questions

There’s much worse schools than the one i’m in lol

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Same with my school…

I want to see how much of an aneurysm your post was before the paraphrasing

you will get better

oh lord that’s so sad
can we get 3 macaroons

I hope that I will. Thanks