My AO hot/not so hot takes

With vetex himself going on a multi-paragraph rant on the toxicity of the PvP community (something which I had been calling out since the days of WoM), I feel uplifted enough to make this thread.

"Bro really gel'd up for this"

This was one of my favorite additions when the brewing update hit and gels are my most-used kind of potions to this day. They’re literally sitting in my hotbar in stacks like guns in an armory ready to be used, from burning to slowness to bleeding to corroding.

However, whenever I pop one to use in a fight, 80% of the time the other guy starts trying to gaslight me for using a perfectly legitimate feature of the game. And it gets more intense when I actually beat them upon which they head immediately over to in-game PMs to say things like “Bro you deserve to get cancer.”

If someone ever downplays you for using gels, use more of it. Not only does it get them to rage even more, they deserve to get clobbered for not anticipating someone using a game mechanic that has been around for like what, about a year now?

If the game offers me the opportunity to inflict Burning V on you even though I’m just a light mage, you bet your ass I’m taking that offer. I’m honestly shocked out how many PvPers look down on gels as if it’s like a social taboo. I mean what else do I use it on? Waste it NPC bounties?

Gel supremacy.

"We got ourselves a runner/coward"

I gotta be honest, whenever somebody calls me out for running away, most of the time it’s just them losing sight of me in the middle of the fight and automatically thinking I’m trying to run even if I’m still ready to keep going. People will do anything these days to boost their superiority complex.

Anyways, the people who call players out for running so much are likely gonna get locked up in jail in the future cuz they can’t take no for an answer.

They reaaaaallly gotta nail this one guy even though they’re actually just wasting 15 min of their lives by initiating a wild goose chase where all everyone does is mash the W and T keys on their keyboard. I mean, what’s going on, guys? Is your crush watching you play and you can’t bear the humiliation of letting someone slip through your grasp?

Going back to my point with gels. If the game allows me to escape thanks to my 300 or so agility, then I think I’m entitled to run away if I legit ain’t in the mood for a fight. People want to play Arcane Odyssey, not be subject to your vain attempts to inflate your ego by PvPing and supposedly losing to you.

"Bro's just abusing (insert game feature here)"

Could literally be anything. Got called out for using PTD too much back when attack speed could rocket you into the sky with it, got called out for using placed explosions too much (Im not even an attack size metamancer lol), hell, even got called out for using Flash Strike too much during a fight once.

If you accuse me of “abusing” literally anything in a fight, that tells me two things. One, you have a pair of eyes to notice that I use some attacks more than others. Two, you don’t even want to bother adapting to my PvP style like a smart human being, and instead resort to trying to shame me into not using whatever you’re complaining about.

I absolutely love it when PvPers get toxic in the middle of the fight, because they have the audacity to just pause whatever they’re doing to type something in chat, allowing me to score 2-3 free hits in.

I used to see threads pop up here and there with people downplaying PvP toxicity’s prevalence in this game or outright defending it, but apparently after Vetex’s rant some seemed to have shut their holes. I wonder why that’s the case.


never encountered this. when i see people type mid fight it’s usually to stop the fight but never really toxic other than maybe not liking (ex: poison clouds) but not that someone is abusing it

ive never understood typing in the middle of the fight tbh, i just reply “cry”

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yeah i cant see why people would complain about any of these unless it’s organized pvp and you agree to not do these things

also, 2-3 hits? how slow do pvpers type lol

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my attack speed build goes brrrr fr

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Honestly the toxicity of competion is just part of what comes with anything competitive i think once you know that it just bothers you less and u even play along sometimes a litte🤭

i type fast enough to only allow at most 1 i think?

Cannot agree more with the gel part tbh, idk why half the community thinks its contagious cancer or something

Legalize chemical warfare :fire::fire::fire:

Bottoms up :wine_glass:

i think it’s because of something like…

“omg bro you only won because you had gel!!! if only i had more time to prepare i wouldve won!!!”

or people are thinking too much about organized fights

I actually really like running in fights. Because I am a light mage I have an instant dodge reflex so I can just zoom around a pull all sorts of crazy tricks to avoid them. A couple of my favourites that I have done is these:

  • Jumping into water and using magic leap to jump out as soon as they follow me intit he water

*Using little secret nooks and crannies in the map to hide

*Out speeding people and then use the light dodge reflex to clip into one of the houses at sameria(they get particularly confused on this one, also light is very easy to clip through wallas with)


Potions are the biggest example of this I’ve seen, like, why do you think I have those 21 shining power potions? For show? I’m using an advantage that I earned, and you not using it is actively detrimental to yourself and anyone in your team, bad play.

there was one topic about how AO is slowly becoming more of a being ready for an encounter rather than a pure skill showoff

all these pvpers crying about items being used are just too stupid/ignorant to utilise the game’s mechanics to its full potential

The clipping through walls is a classic that is just so hard to predict, and it’s funny, I’ve looped people around sameria for more than 15 minutes with 51 agility before, in a GANK.

I know right, it’s so much fun confusing people by teleporting through five walla while they try and go the through the weird alleyways to catch me. I also like using the valley that’s in the middle of the center mountain, so that they lose sight of me then I can jump over the wall into caitara and then clip intk a house. One of my fav combos to lose someone quickly.

one of my favorite things to do whenever I happen upon someone with a magic like fire or acid is to just dive into the ocean and wait for them to follow me, since most of the time they’re so eager to RK me that they don’t even realize they’re defenseless and butt-naked underwater.

Yeah I once tried to do that with a plasma conjurer but he could still hit me while I was underwater for some reason (he was also underwater but for some reason the plasma imbue still worked underwater)