My ""art""

been a while, heres cloth painting practice i did today

edit: The topic has got 10 likes! I am really thankful to everyone for liking this, a new “doodle” thread will be created whenever ill get a chance to draw characters more related to AO!

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get brutally bogged

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cerveza cristal


me everytime i join the strongest bg (I cosplay gyro zeppeli) (I am too broke to get a new avatar)

i thought bro had the infinity gauntlet for a second

where’s the weewee

my bad, gotta fix

finally, something that is “tightly” related to AO! Zoro (or Zolo) from one piece in a mafiozi outfit! (1/3)

i kinda suck at drawing, this thread will be replaced

thanks for supporting the thread :]


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damn i love your art
u dont suck at drawing, may be glazing but i think u are the best artist on the forum due to your use of perspective

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12 minute sketch :]