My Assassin OCS! The 3 Assassin Sisters!

The 3 Assassin Sisters is the most infamous assassin trio in the War Seas.
They are part of The Assassin Syndicate, a criminal organization of bounty hunters, pirates and criminals.
They gained an infamous title for hunting down high powerful figures.

These sisters are:

Acelin Green, Acid And Poison Conjurer

-One of the oldest sister
-Trained by Architect Merlot, The Waltz Of Death
-After her last training with Merlot, She was gifted The Insanity Karambit. A karambit that can
cause the insanity effect when cut

Avalynn Cryssa, Crystal And Light Paladin

-The Middle Sister
-She’s loud, aggressive and narcissistic
-She heals extremely fast than the others

Adaline Asher, Ash And Fire Mage

-The most youngest sister
-Just like her old sister, she’s quiet but cunning and plans in every situation
-During her free time, she likes to garden her flowers

These sisters were trained into the best in any battle that they will encounter. They are respected by every single Syndicate members.

However, one of the sister " Adaline Asher " left the Syndicate and want to start a new life.
But 2 of them don’t want her to slide easily…

Most of their designs are inspired by Characters from Mortal Kombat and Criminal NPCs in the game.



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You have 3 AS files?

it’s like just 3 files, it’s not that much

The crystal/light paladin respect

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Well not really, Adaline Asher is an actual file that I created and was planning to join the Assassin Syndicate. The 2 other characters are a work of fiction


So guys, which sister do you like the most?

Def the fire and ash one

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godbless the crystal/light paladin :sob:

(they haven’t gotten a single kill compared to their sisters)

Crystal/light is the only actual paladin build the rest are fake

What? I don’t understand what you’re talking about? She did get some kills.

not on her own she did

(I am betting 100 galleons she got those kills using environmental hazards)

Watch out, the Navy is coming…

Zeus’ Admiral, Wrath of the Seas, Terror of Humanity. Adkins: The Annihilation of Whitesummit.

No, she literally has spirit weapons on her wrists. Didn’t you read the other image of her?

uhhmmm ackkkttshhuualllyyy spirit weapons aren’t out yet


hey, at least you’re not in my situation.

Warden gaming :smiling_face_with_tear:

he WILL beat goku

Adaline because she looks fit on a cooking pot.

Too many women. :pensive:

By that I mean that no one draws men or even the beauty of the AO world.