My Caravel Build

I just finished making my ship maxed and was proud of it, so I decided to share it here :smiley:
Thoughts and advice are appreciated

She ain’t the greatest but she’s mine

I need to get a strong metal (arcanium) ram sometime

Why metal? Just cause it has the highest damage?
I suppose that makes sense, although I rather enjoy the speed the light ram has

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It doesn’t affect, y’know, speed. It’s just the ram speed which I hardly ever use because that just damages my own ship. I just use basic ram 90% of the time so metal would be more useful than something like light or lightning to me as I am practically using it without consequence.

i know, I just like how im able to close the distance when ramming really fast, it gives the enemy (if theyre a player) less time to react and take countermeasures

why are you ship fighting players? Simply point blank execute them

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Ive only fought one player in a ship fight, they were level 50 while I was level 125, and they decided it was a good idea to accept my flyer on the bounty board

Needless to say, they soon realized it was a bad idea