My dream AO gear build


armor and accessories:


Working on this build rn. Is the stats good? Would anyone prefer using a different build to this?

Wow that’s a lot of defense :0

I prefer using some agility in my build

@Darkzoul1234 Website?


True, the build is primarily focused on health. Do you recommend using an agility amulet or having a nimble cernyx faulds? I don’t really think I’m gonna swap a sunken armor piece for a Elius piece.

No problem.

this guy tryna become a living brick wth

depends on what build ur running

You’d probably feel more of the effects with a hard agility amulet than a nimble faulds

  • iron leg focus :boss:
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Alr, ty. That I knew, but I was unsure which one I should use or both.

You already have well above average health, i suggest getting strong on all of it instead of hard on the amulet and faulds.
Or do what Maple suggested.

I already have hard on the amulet and faulds :skull:

the ao gear builder website has definitely come a long long way

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the dumbest build

wtf is this trying to achieve LOL
it has two stats that dont do much
five billion defense for 2k hp

my build? instant death
insanity 5 and 15 drawback is just an instant one shot

no need to do him like that man, this was a while ago when we didn’t fully know everything

60 power is usually the baseline, so 42 is pretty low. Also depending on your class you may struggle a bit when it comes to mobility with zero agility. I’d sacrifice your defense amulet for a calvus piece at the very least, and enchant it with strong