My dumb poll (closed)

It seems I deleted the poll since that was a mistake



Topics unrelated to the game are intended. There’s an off-topic category for a reason. You can mute it if you don’t want to see them.

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Still think that it’s not correct to have unrelated allow but ok

what about stuff related to the community? not the game but community
what if people want to talk about stuff on roblox?
what about other roblox games or games in general?
what about artists drawing stuff non AO

what if some dude wants to say twitter is stupid for the 349th time to feed his superiority complex and ego

i mean
off topic is the most active category+it’ll stay alive the most
if we get rid of that, the forum will probably die

off-topic on top :mariomug:

im waiting for it to fall

off topic may fall but not Meth Production™ :nod:


…no? We already have a category for non-AO content…

are you saying twitter isnt a hellhole??

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I certainly wouldn’t!

You’re right, this topic was a mistake

You are literally acting like a Twitter user rn, as soon as somebody says something you don’t like, you immediately claim they said something that’s no where near what they meant.

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I had to reread that 5 times to make sense of it Jesus christ

i mean
i think you just have shit reading skills
its perfectly fine grammatically

I’m prolly just too tired to care lmao

ok now you must go sleep
or eat i dunno

Average twitter user’s comprehension skills