My Entry Point Addiction

alerted a civ shooting the basement window for s p e e d

Pesona 5 but the Phantom Thieves commit literal war crimes

pirate alternate: Averill

got stuck twice in a row

the original getting stuck (was on top of the power box by the balcony)

successful sleepover

got a couple successful runs grinding pog

my guns

pew pew” - suppressed UP9 pistol with lasers with ring sight
brrrr” - ring-sighted S97 with laser
cha cha slide” - suppressed CH-A with laser and TG3X sights
pew 2” - suppressed UP9 pistol with laser and ring sight
Goo” - suprressed 480 MCS shotgun with delta sights and a laser, named in reference to Shotgun Boy’s mc Gyu-Hwan
rodan” - suppressed F57 with laser, TGX3 sights, stubby grip, and a full stock. not sure why i named it after the Fire Demon but it works with the vibe
boomer” - thumper. a grenade launcher ae
crow” - delta sight suppressed Raven with a gold frame and laser
"phantom" - delta sight suppressed Raven with a gold frame

join le Phantom Thieves


for his neutral special


Almost read that as por-

yes he gets pistol mastery kekek, and ofc Ann is getting SMG mastery and yada yada

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Looking good Joker

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commiting war crimes mmyes

added link to the groupchat, if it gets particularly big i’m going to make it a server

how when the discord server is invalid :troll:

play payday 2 newbie


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I see what you did here you cheeky bastard

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i did it on purpose this time

did nightmare mode a couple times and it was pretty fun

also Legend mode is pretty easy with a decent crew