My fingers hurt from cargo trading

Why can’t our crew sell and load them, or at least some really big crate that costs more, sells for less but quicker to load and sell

Maybe future level 250+ crews can do that

Only annoying part is the sheer amount of time it takes. The imputs themselves ain’t nothing.

for some reason i tried selling cargo and when i sold them i didn’t get any money or exp
idk if its a bug or if its because vetex took out the feature for bad rep players since they don’t have to pay for the cargo

Wait bad reps can steal cargo?

I’m assuming then you can only sell it at blackwater

yeah i tried to buy it and there was only a steal option so i spent like ten minutes carrying as much as i could fit on my boat for the frostmill quest just for me not to get any money for it

also whats blackwater do you mean whitesummit? i might try selling cargo there actually to see if it works

Yeah I think that’s the only place that will take stolen stuff

Haven’t tried tho