My first encounter with the king of Ravenna

Kam_i, beat me to it.


My cocky ass pulling up to the Ravenna throne room:

(Wait, Takeshi says the f-word. Is profanity allowed in the forums?)



stupid idiot thinks he can beat a king

gets his ass handed to him while his friends watch

Your style matches that first panel so perfectly!

yeah its cool, just dont put profanity in a post’s title


This was literally EVERYBODY when they first pulled up to the throne room.
Calvus is a fucking menace unless you have your reflex dodge.

also profanity is only forbidden in topic titles :+1:
And yeah, absolutely fuckin’ amazing work here - I love how you drew both panels with high accuracy to the meme, but not in such a similar way to the original - unlike several takes on it I’ve seen. It really stands out like this!


jujutsu kaisen memes


Thank you, I don’t necessarily trace or copy exactly, rather just getting the general idea of how the panel, and the character in it, looks like and replacing said character with my own, in my style. Though a lot of people have said and compared my art style being similar to Akutami’s, in some cases.

nice art! man, i havent seen it in a good while. it feels so good seeing it again takeshi.

also YES, profanity IS allowed in the forums, as long as you don’t use it in your post/topic title. you can swear in the description and even comments though, as long as you don’t misuse it to harass people like key did.

Not sure who Akutami is honestly, but I’ll just say that there’s nothing wrong with similarities.
What I’m saying is that, yeah, Kam_i’s take is hilarious, but it looks far too much like the actual panel does. I’ve even mistaken Revon for Gojo if I scroll by it too fast, because they look so damn similar there.
With how you’ve drawn Takeshi, though, I can scroll by quickly and know it’s him + your artstyle without any question.

I get that part of the point is to make it obvious it’s the meme, but you’ve done it in the literally best way possible - you did it your way, and made it distinctly your take, while still making it obvious it’s those two panels from JJK. Absolutely well fuckin’ done.

Gege Akutami is the guy who made the original panels, and yeah, thx for that analysis. I’ll be sure to take note of all this for my future arts too.

Ah, I see. And hey, you’re welcome


Takeshi being a Fire Savant:

january :handshake: takeshi
fire magic users

Fire is ironically cool

we should play ao sometime and lets see how i fare in as a conjurer
btw nice art